About us

Build4power was born from the passion for extreme special things. Take a Bugatti Veyron, one of a kind handmade insane performance and bizarre quickly. An über statement!

Everyone has an idea of how a computer should look, that what we thought too .......

Seduced by all the pretty exclusive cars, ships, design and fashion items build4Power came into being. We want only the highest achieving the best components at the time of its assembling. In addition, we aim to maximize the quickest to get. This has ensured that the components can be far overclocked with a 24/7 stability.

Hardly newer techniques and computer components on the market that ensure that other powerful machines can be built. We follow closely and as soon as we have them ourselves we go with that new configurations to work.

For every platform that is assembled, we look at the latest developments in the field of computer systems. The latest methods to cool and the newest feature to put down on an insanely exclusive system. Everything must be perfect and accurate finished in every detail. In addition, every piece of hardware adapted to our own "signature". There are virtually no more original components after we have it in hand and all this with the support of the largest hardware manufacturers

Because we work with the latest technologies, we may therefore assume hardware manufacturers pre engineering samples to test, which we often anticipate to the existing hardware and computer configurations. We test therefore extended components and after that we can link our findings back to the manufacturer for the actual product on the market.

The B4P team is young enthusiastic and has a high "geek" content. This makes us up to date and all knowledge to assemble systems problems and the way to go.

We specialize in full metal tubing, carbon and chrome wrapping and custom paint. These things are not all we do at Build4Power.  We can help with any illustration work you may need as well.  From Logo design, branding and System Illustration to custom computer design and professional design presentation, Build4Power can help you with whatever art project you have. Take a look at some of the work we have done (photo gallery) in the past and contact us for your personal needs.